Johannes Brahms- Intermezzo No.1

Expressiveness of Brahms sorrows calling the entire three pieces “Three Lullabies to my sorrows.”

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Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo N0.1
Intermezzi Op.117
Composed in 1892


Fredric Chopin- Nocturne

This piece highlights the idea of free tempo meaning the tempo changes throughout the piece with different moods found in the entire piece.

Fredric Chopin
Nocturne number Op.9, No. 2
Composed between 1830 and 1832

Issac Albeniz- Iberia Book

A Spanish influenced piece composed between 1905-1909 that can be considered the later Romantic era because of the Modern not arriving until the 1920’s.
This piece is broken into four sections/books each containing three of his musical pieces that were dedicated to his wife. The first piece Evocacion shares the idea of Nationalism with him referring back to his home country.

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Issac Albeniz
Evocacion, El Puerto, El Corpus en Sevilla
Iberia Book

Beethoveon- Symphony No.9

This piece is known as the transition from the classical period to the Romance era because of him taking his earlier piece from the classical era and merging them together with the pieces he created during the Romance era.

Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Opus 129

Published in 1824